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Important: Ensure you own the private keys to this wallet as full access is required to claim the payout


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How does the protection work and how much will I get?
If the price of USDC drops below USD 0.995 and does not recover above 0.999 within 24 hours, you will receive a payout in USDT. The payout is based on the price of USDC after 24 hours and will cover your loss at that time (follow this link for the current price). Payouts are capped at USDC 0.80 (20% depeg).
Example: If you protect USDC 1,000.00 from your wallet and the price of USDC drops and is at USD 0.9 24 hours after dropping below USD 0.995, you will receive a payout of USDT 100.00. The maximum payout is USDT 200.00.